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The Rhine

Renoncule à Seltz
Papillon à Seltz
Voile à Lauterbourg

Bordering Northern Alsace to the east, where it provides natural frontier with Germany, the Rhine reveals the soft expanses and diversity of activities of the region.

The natural reserves of the Sauer Delta and the Forest of Offendorf offer visitors a mosaic of remarkable natural environments.

Many journeys bike that are entirely surfaced and safe, allow you to discover this region of enchanted landscapes

And on arrival, treat yourself to a refreshing stop at the beach of the Gulls at Lauterbourg, "the" bathing resort of Northern Alsace, with its excellent water quality, its 500 m of fine sandy beach and its vast recreational area...




Do not miss the many activities of this region with innumerable resources

Hiking, nautical activities, fly fishing, museums and heritage... all your desires will be fulfilled. Several ferries and bridges crossing the Rhine (at Seltz, Roppenheim, Drusenheim and Gambsheim) allow you easy access to Germany, with the beautiful spa town of Baden-Baden, the regional capital Karlsruhe and the baroque city of Rastatt.

For half-day trips, do not fail to explore, as a family, the Passe à Poissons at Gambsheim, to walk along the marina at Offendorf, or to go on a shopping spree at the outlet centre "roppenheim thestyleoutlets".