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The potters villages

Pottery, flagship of the regional heritage

The villages of Betschdorf and Soufflenheim, lying on the edge of the Haguenau Forest, exude a genuine atmosphere of tranquillity. While walking there, you will discover not only a remarkable building heritage with half-timbered houses and farms, but also the potters workshops which reveal the traditional know-how of the Alsatian craft potter


Take the time to visit the potters of Soufflenheim, who produce typical Alsatian kitchen pottery adorned with delightful decorations. Some 15 workshops continued to produce the famous Gugelhuph moulds and Baeckeoffe casseroles!



Today, the village of Betschdorf has around 10 workshops producing the highly characteristic stoneware pottery painted with blue and grey salt .

Don't miss the pottery museum, remarkable for its extremely beautiful collection of ancient and contemporary ceramics, exhibited in a magnificent 18th-century half-timbered house.


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