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Cycling and mountain biking

Northern Alsace by bike: see our many thematic routes


Framed by natural greenery, Northern Alsace has many facilities, such as cycle tracks and lanes, greenways, rural tracks, small roads and cycle routes. These offer touring cyclists greater comfort and safety in which to appreciate the contrasting landscapes of this beautiful region.

Cross-country cycling

> From the Northern Vosges to the Alsace Wine Road - 110 km Less easy
> Along the Maginot Line - 64 km Difficult

- Cycling tours
> The potters' villages and the forest of Haguenau - 76 km Easy
> From the banks of the Rhine into the valley of the Lauter - 64 km Easy
> Picturesque villages and the wine region of Cléebourg - 50 km Less easy
> The valley of the Sauer and the spa towns - 54 km Difficult
> From Moder dale into the hop's fields - 62 km Easy
> From the Hanau area to the Northern Vosges - 74 km Easy

- Cycle route along the canals

> The Marne canal to the Rhine 86 km, Eurovélo 5
> The Rhine 184 km, Eurovélo 15

Mountain Biking

TMV crossing of the Vosges mountains 417 km from Wissembourg to Thann
All the information can be found at

Marked mountain bikes circuits
> Soufflenheim - 3 circuits, 8 km, 14 km, 20 km
> Dambach-Neunhoffen - 3 circuits, 12 km, 5 km, 25 km
> Niederbronn-les-Bains - 3 circuits, 7 km, 21 km, 38 km

Electrically assisted and more
This is an electrically assisted bike, which will allow you to better appreciate the green landscapes of Northern Alsace. Rent a top of the range of bike from one of the rental stations of the movelo Alsace network (13 € per 1/2 day and 20 € per day). To guide you on your way, download the movelo circuits for Northern Alsace and take advantage of the Croq'Vélo, package, the movelo Alsace special offer for the day.