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Craft pottery of Alsace

Alsatian pottery is concentrated in the two villages of Betschdorf and Soufflenheim, famous for their craft pottery. The potters of Alsace are inspired by popular tradition. Each piece is unique, rich in colour and patterns, shaped and decorated according to a constantly renewed expertise


Some 10 workshops still produce thee blue and grey salt varnished stoneware pottery. This pottery was formerly intended for the storage of foodstuffs. Today, the pottery artisans complement their production with more up-to-date pieces, designed for decoration.




The 15 potters of Soufflenheim produce colourful earthenware pottery decorated with charming motifs. This typically Alsatian culinary pottery, comprised of Gugelhuph moulds  and baeckeoffe casseroles, also has a full range of items with more contemporary design.

The workshops of Betschdorf and Soufflenheim open their doors to you.

More information: 
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