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Randonneurs au sommet du château
Château des Défis - Le Fleckenstein
En famille au pied du château de Fleckenstein

Emerging out of the forest, the silhouettes of the castles of Northern Alsace appear to defy time. These ancient fortified dwellings are built on outcrops of natural pink sandstone, sometimes occupied since antiquity, such as Fleckenstein Castle and Wasenbourg Castle.

Today, for the most part, only the ruins remain of these magnificent castles constructed in the Middle Ages, they are part of generations of the landscape of Northern Alsace.

The target of a walk, inspiration for hiking or leisure activities: there is no lack of means for discovering these lords of the forest.

There is a vast choice including participatory restoration workshops at Schoeneck organised by the Builders of castlesguided visits, enigmatic journeys or sites to discover the forest and sandstone at Fleckenstein.